Best of Show – Ohio’s Killer Classic Car Market

There’s a little known place in Northeastern Ohio – little known, that is, unless you’re a fan of classic cars.

Best of Show Automotive just turned three, but you wouldn’t know it to look at them. The showroom floor is like something out of a movie: flick the switch and banks of overhead lights burst to life, revealing first two, then five, then ten rows of the most polished, gleaming classic cars you can imagine, stretching as far as the eye can see. The number quoted on in-store merchandise was between the four and five million dollar range. It’s Ohio’s Great Lake of classic cars.

That it’s Ohio’s largest distributor of vintage and classic cars comes as no surprise. And did I mention the gleaming? The cars don’t arrive that way. Best of Show’s technicians inspect and retouch every light, fender and detail, insuring that every car is as authentic as possible and that every customer walks away a satisfied one.

The customer’s don’t just buy the cars, either. Best of Show’s consignment program makes them the Midwest’s largest reseller of classic cars. If you happen to be looking to sell a choice set of wheels, what better place than in a showroom brimming with blinding vintage-ness.

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