CLASSIC AUTO TRADER: Is there such thing as an honest sale?

The truth of the matter is no one ever completely trusts a car salesman. No matter whom the buyer or consumer is, there is always that lingering thought and doubt, a momentary hesitation, that the person with whom they are conducting business is somehow, some way, taking advantage of them. When the arena for classic auto is entered the situation becomes even more lucrative, as prices are based on a subjective assumption of what the general public would be willing to assign a fair value for the auto. If consumers are not careful and do not perform their due diligence, they can be talked into a classic auto sale believing they are getting an auto of a lifetime when in fact what they are getting is just an over priced dilapidated clunker.

Honesty and integrity are rare traits in the spiraling downward US Economy. Finding dealers who are forthright and stand by their product is a tough feat but thru the power that is the internet, the honest men and women are slowly regaining their notoriety. With websites such as Old Ride Trader entering the auto trading scene, consumers are now being treated to the free market place specializing in antique, exotic, custom, and classic autos. Because the postings are at no cost, all vendors are listed on the same page with no preferences given to anyone. The products do the ‘speaking’ for all parties and in the end, who truly wins out is the customer, who is able to customize their search thru make and model, not to mention price, and find the best value for them. Not only do they allow comparative shopping, but Old Ride Trader also has an extensive library of FAQs, tips, and articles for anything and everything classic auto related…and once again, it is all for free. There may always been some degree of distrust in a sale, but as long as websites such as Old Ride Trader continue to exist there will also always be the opportunity for truly honest sales to exist. And those places, as a consumer myself, are where I wish to conduct my business.