CLASSIC AUTO TRADER: Taking Advantage of the Digital Market

In the time of TiVo and DVRs, consumers across the globe are both enthralled and amazed by the ability of World Wide Web. With a few clicks and points of the mouse, buyers and traders of classic autos can be browsing hundreds of classic vehicles in a matter of seconds…and all from the comfort and security of their couch. It used to be that trading Classic autos was done either one of two ways: with a 3rd party dealer directly, i.e. a car lot, or by engaging individually as a private seller. Unless one had an excellent reputation that was both known far and wide, it was hard to get reputation of quality and honesty out to the public. Especially when it regards high valued property such as Classic Autos, consumers were always leery of buying from private individuals for fear of being taken advantage of and receiving a less than quality Classic Auto.

To counter this, websites such as Old Ride Trader have become more prevalent in the past few years. Websites such as this allow free postings of classic, antique, muscle, and exotic autos with no cost associated for the postings. Their website allows for personalized searches that can be specialized by a number of variables such as make and model, narrowing down the search for the one car that is truly being sought. Smart sellers have come to realize this and are now not only posting their classic autos on these websites but affixing rates that are priced for excellent values. Why are the prices lower? Namely because with the surge in availability and instant pictures of the vehicles, consumers can now see what the fair market price is for their classic auto. Prices are no longer limited by the definition of juts the seller. By seeing what other sellers are asking or trading for, fair market practice reigns supreme and it is once again the consumer who reaps the benefits of this fair and honest transparent shopping.