Rebuilding and Restoring Classic Muscle Cars

Restoration of an engine can be a daunting and costly experience, even for the most accomplished pedestrian consumer. However, ask any serious muscle car enthusiast and they will tell you that although it can be painful, heartbreaking, and frustrating, in the end, the payoff if well worth the sacrifice. Actually getting the engine to roar into life on a first attempt brings about a smile that only Dr. Frankenstein can know for you, like him, have just breathed life into the still and powerful beast that is a muscle engine. But why stop there? The engine, albeit a vital life source for the muscle car, is just a part in the greater picture…there is still the chassis, the body work, the interior, and a series of other details that all combine like a bountiful rainbow to create and embody the true vintage Muscle Car.

If reading that was an experience, and one that causes the question to be raised, ‘can I even do that?’ please put your fears aside. Enter,, the one-stop free online automobile website whose emphasis is on just that: classic and vintage muscle cars. provides a forum for consumers and hobbyist to link together, to buy, sell, and trade not only muscle cars, but tips, tricks, and ideas from passionate professionals and experienced enthusiasts. Having problems finding the chassis to start your Charger rebuild? has the pool of vendors all ready and able to find just the right model and unit, that not only fits your muscle car’s factory year but also your budget.

Muscle car restoration and building can be a highly rewarding experience, but also a difficult one if consumers are not careful and meticulous. helps alleviate those problems by allowing consumers to freely contact vendors and buyers with information and requests about particular muscle vehicles. There is no need to shop around with, once you find the muscle car of your liking it becomes a matter of simply point and clicking to that restoration or rebuild of your dreams.