Sales and Street Rods

Sales are a difficult field, asks any salesman of any sort of product or line and they will all respond with the same adage: persistence and thick skin are what makes a good salesman. Street rods, likewise, can be a difficult market to enter. The modern consumer unfortunately is not necessarily looking for a vehicle that is high on performance and burns through gas in less a few hundred miles. Take out the electronics, the GPS, and even ABS and what you are left with is a very basic automobile that most buyers would not even cast a second glance. The street rod however, is the exception to this. It may not necessarily have the modern conveniences of a hybrid or electric car, but what is has in performance and pure style is more than enough to make up for its fuel consumption.

Getting this message across to buyers and then convincing them to purchase these performance machines however, is a separate thing entirely. Rather than having to do a face-to-face negotiation, the modern Street Rod marketplace relies on websites such as Old Ride Trader to push street rods to the modern consumer. At sites like Old Ride Trader, consumers are able to post and search the free ad listings of Old Ride’s exclusive inventory of antique, muscle, exotic, and street rod autos. Prices even make and model, are all customizable data fields that allow shoppers to browse entire collections of street rods and find the one that truly fits their needs.

With an economy that is producing more job losses and is rampant with unemployment, pushing a street rod to a prospective buyer can seem like an uphill battle. But with the right tools and timing, it is not a lost cause and can actually become quite an easy sell if tools such as Old Ride Trader are implemented.