SELLING COLLECTORS CARS: How to get them To Sell, Pt III

As part of III of a IV Part Series, How to Get Your Collector Car to sell, this section focuses on creating your sales pitch.

Collector cars are a valuable investment tool. As sellers it is their sole responsibility to remind consumers as to why their product has value and is necessary for their lives. In a downward economy, money is tight enough. Convincing individuals to buy a car with what little savings they may have sounds like a recipe for disaster. Not so however, as a smart seller knows that with the right pitch, any time is a good time to sell.

For instance, with collector car’s people will argue that their high price and meticulous maintenance outweigh any logical reason for purchase. As part of your sales pitch it would be recommended to remind the buyer that it is an investment and not just a luxury item. If you show the historical listing prices to buyer it becomes easier to physically show them how the vehicle will provide them not only physical enjoyment but also monetary profitability. Using tools like, sellers use the free search engine to post their antique, classic/vintage, exotic and muscles cars for sale. Buyers visit the website and are able to find the specific model of the collector car for sale and contact the seller, eliminating tire kickers who are just trying to browse inventory. By recognizing the key elements of emphasis (as mentioned in part II) to demonstrate value to the buyer, a correctly worded sales description on, can dramatically increase buyer exposure and contact.