SELLING COLLECTORS CARS: How to get them To Sell, Pt IV

As part of IV of a IV Part Series, How to Get Your Collector Car to sell, this section focuses on other methods to maximize collector car exposure.

Collector cars are a specific vehicular niche. One of the common themes of this series is the necessity to be aware that because it is a specific market, key targeting strategies are essential to maximize your sales of these collector’s cars. Buyers can be a selective bunch and if you are not careful you will not only miss the sale but drive off prospective buyers as well. For instance, providing high resolution camera images or trouble areas or specifying particular brand names or kits used to assemble or maintain the vehicle, need to be emphasized. If the collector car appears to have been poorly mistreated then the prospective buyer will enter expecting a much lower price than what is being offered. The way around this is simply but identifying upfront all of the ‘trouble’ issues or areas that might be of concern. Not only does this present the seller as an honest individual but it also helps to establish trust and a good foundation for selling to the interested party.

Selling in general can be a frustrating thing. It does require a little bit of luck but more importantly it requires much preparation and planning. If you take the time to outline your advertising and marketing strategy, identify you target demographic, and establish an open and honest communication with the buyers, you enable yourself to broaden your selling range. By doing so, you will hopefully get your collector car on the open market faster and back out on either the open road or on proud display in a new collector’s garage or showcase.