Some Top Muscle Cars For Sale

Basically, muscle cars are manufactured around 1960 and early 1970 and they come in different brands and models. As time went on, the muscle cars started fading out of fad and the demand for new cars started rising. Muscle cars are known to consume fuel unlike any other type of cars and this could probably be the reason why people stopped demanding for them. However, the desire for muscle cars has started rising again. And this is why muscle cars for sale are on the high side. There are many people who have had a taste of muscle cars in the past and could not get anything that could replace it, these set of people are out looking for muscle cars again and they could pay anything to get their hands on one.

There are also some collectors out there who are interested in buying muscle cars for sale for the sheer pleasure of owning one. Muscle cars are introduced at a cheap price but with the scarcity of the car these days, the price has risen to quite a high level. And apart from this, getting one of the muscle cars for sale with original specifications and its equipment could be very rare and even after finding it, you should be prepared to pay over one hundred percent of the original price. Let us look at some of the top muscle cars for sale that you can get in the market.

The Buick GSX is one of those muscle cars. This car came in just two colors throughout the production period, the colors are yellow and white and the car was well known for its power and gets up to 400 horsepower. Of course, it was very fast and could go a quarter mile in a little less than fifteen seconds. There is also the Hemi-Cuda from Plymouth. This car was a Barracuda that came with a hemi engine with about 425 horse power. Another car that is worth mentioning among the muscle cars for sale is the Mustang Boss from Ford. This was the most expensive Ford apart from Shelby and it comes with a hemi engine also. The Mustang Boss is the perfect muscle car for racing.

There is the GTO from Pontiac. And you may be surprised to learn that this car was one of the very first muscle cars that were manufactured. It was definitely not the fastest or the most powerful muscle car around but it is the beginning of the innovations of muscle cars. The Shelby Cobra is also worth mentioning among the muscle cars for sale that are available in the market. This is the most expensive and recognized car from the muscle cars period. This car sells for well over hundreds of thousands dollars. There is the Camaro Z28 also which was among the best in terms of power steering and handling. This car can go for as far as a quarter mile with the space of fifteen seconds. It was known as one of the most stylish car among the muscle cars family. Some other items that you can trade with when looking for muscle cars for sale include vintage, hot rods, antique and so on.