Classic Car Appraisals

A classic car appraisal is key because it gives you the true value of your vintage vehicle. To get the best appraisal, ask around and check the telephone book for local appraisers who specialize in classic and old cars. Also, consider checking out classic car shows. Most shows and exhibitions have at least a few specialized appraisers around for guests.

Once you have found a few appraisers, compare levels of experience, prices, and the accuracy and depth of the report you can expect to receive. Since appraisals are essentially opinions, you might want to get a few, especially if you are about to spend some serious money on an especially rare or antique model. If you plan on restoring your car, be sure to get preliminary appraisals and ask the appraisers for details about the effect your planned restorations will have on the car’s final value.