Classic Car Transportation Quotes

After purchasing a classic car from out of state, there are different transportation options to decide upon. Thousands of companies offer transportation services to collect your car from the seller and deliver it directly to you. Like shipping companies, auto transportation companies offer different delivery methods. You can choose to have your classic car transported in an “open” car carrier or inside an “enclosed” trailer. It’s a personal choice, and in our opinion, both options have their benefits. We generally make the call based on the value and condition of the car. Naturally, “enclosed” is the more expensive, but it’s also safer as your classic car is protected from the elements, rock chips, and other unforeseeable hazards. Buyers may also not be aware that occasionally truck drivers stop over night, leaving the carrier unattended.

Prices for moving vehicles across the United States can vary quite a bit. As a guide, we suggest you budget $700-$1000 for coast to coast transportation using an “open” carrier, and $1200-$1500 coast to coast using an “enclosed” carrier. If your vehicle is traveling from the Mid-West to the nearest coast, you should budget approximately $750 for “open” carrier and $1000-$1200 for “enclosed”. Of course, these numbers are approximate, as there are variables. Please keep in mind that auto transportation brokers typically make around $200 per deal, so if you can find a direct carrier who owns and operates his own trucks, you can typically negotiate a better rate and avoid having to pay hundreds of dollars in broker fees.

Transport Reviews is an informative web site that provides customer reviews and star ratings by customers. They also provided free online auto transportation quotes. Unlike most online quote sites, Transport Reviews respects and protects your privacy. They allow you to create an account so you can log in to view the auto transport companies that have bid on your request. This is a nice alternative to having dozens of aggressive brokers call and/or email you.