Classic Car Upholstery

If you have a classic car, you will want to baby it and get it into the best shape possible. That will include getting the upholstery into ship shape. When you slide into the driver’s seat, you want to be able to ease into perfectly comfortable and fully authentic upholstery that matches your car. You have two options to get this effect: upholstery kits or a custom upholstery job.

Kits come with everything you need to re-upholster your own vehicle. If you want to make a project of it, you can buy kits that come with installation hardware, authentic antique upholstery fabrics and materials, and complete instructions. Kits let you enjoy the satisfaction of getting the job done yourself.

If your classic car interior is in rough shape or if you have a truly antique car, you may be best off leaving the upholstering to the experts. A classic car upholstery car custom job will cost more than a kit, but you can generally get the exact interior you want, complete with carpeting, seat belts, upholstery, trim, and other interior details.

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