Classic Cars for sale in New Jersey

Though there are a plentitude of classic cars for sale in New Jersey in a variety of venues, your best bet is often found in a specialty shop. With garages from Trenton to Lakewood and beyond, the prospective owner need not drive all over the state to find that perfect custom or hot rod. A vintage vehicle customer going directly through a dealer will often be able to see photos, make a showroom visit, and receive answers to questions from both the showroom manager and original owner, before buying.

Looking to trade? These shops typically offer bartering services and connect you with other owners. The intermediary is helpful in ensuring a fair agreement.

Many classic cars for sale in New Jersey are first appraised for a fee. This service is a helpful alternative to an insurance company’s appraisal, as they tend to be more expensive and less accurate. A big benefit of trading through a shop directly is the opportunity for a thorough inspection of your own car and the one you wish to trade for.

Only looking to sell? Again, these garages are a terrific match for quality appraisal and care. You’ll often be paid fairly and have a more direct rapport with the new owner.

New Jersey is rife with muscle car garages, custom work, hot rod parts, sales, unique models and service. If you are in the market, these dealers and independent shops can be your best bet for buying a classic car you’ll love, or selling one you have grown out of.

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