On the Road, Muscle Cars of Dreams

Freedom and the call of the open road are what attract men and women from all walks of life to the joy that is the privilege of driving. But in today’s fast paced world it is not enough to merely drive anymore, one needs style and a pinch of pizzazz to truly capture and live in the moments that are experienced and felt whilst on the road. Muscle cars are those mediums to which the seasoned consumer selects to show not only can they handle whatever the roads may toss their way, but that they will gladly face them with a roaring engine and squealing tires and a huge smile across their face.

But to acquire such a vehicle, a muscle car of dreams, takes patience, resolve, and a near endless pool of resources. The fear of choosing a muscle car that is a lemon or choosing a model kit that is far out of your own technical range are legit concerns for any suave and smart consumer. Luckily, the digital age has caught up with the vintage world of muscle cars and muscle car enthusiasts. Old Ride Trader is an exclusive, free, online community that allows vendors and consumers alike to share, trade, sell, and purchase vintage, antique, and classic muscle cars. Not only can consumers buy and sell, but they can also share tips, ask forums for feedback, and interact with a community of passionate and enthused muscle car ‘gear heads.’ The postings allow consumers to personally choose their level of exposure to the world of muscle cars either by just dabbling their feet in the shallow end, with forums and helpful columns, or jump right in and link up with vendors to buy that car of dreams.

On the road, there is only one thing that stands in the way of you and your ambiguous destination, the engine that you ride and the wheels that hold it up. One can chose to take the road of modern conveniences or they can chose to elect to an experience that allows them to feel the road, shake the cars next to them at stop lights, and burn out white walled tires next to an admiring police cruiser. The road less traveled can make all the difference, so why not ride there with a muscle car that reflects you own personal ambitions and dreams, a mix of mastery of force and grace.