Online, Classic Cars are the new Currency

In a market and economy where 401(k)s and savings are at an all time low, it is hard to justify, let alone rationalize, why an individual needs to add a classic auto to their home. Cars are notorious for losing values the moment they are driven off of the dealer’s lot and the financing today, makes those prices even harder to swallow. The silver lining to this however is that new markets have emerged online, specifically the classic auto sector. In this niche group, classic autos, vintage rides, and muscle cars are all being bought and sold through a classic auto online site which allows free postings for all the listings. Old Ride Trader is re-energizing the open market but listing vehicles that would have normally only been available thru pain staking searches in the local ads or through third party negotiations. Now those same vehicles are being listed to the public through this new forum.

This particular website is of importance as it indicates the upward trend of the classic auto group. Unlike its modern counterparts, the classic auto does not necessarily lose value when driven off of the lot. When maintained and gently taken care of, these classic rides often increase in value and prestige as the years continue to roll by. Look at the GTO or Shelby Cobra, all these vehicles have seen a surge in auction prices through the past decade. Why? Because those vehicles reflect a quality and level of detail that is hard to find in the mass produced and over saturated automobile market. Consumers and buyers want a car with a history and one that stays true to the main purpose of the classic auto: pure fun.

Yes, cars can be expensive and, yes, it is true that they may also lose values. But with classic auto, you are paying for an initial investment that offers positive returns in the long run. Forget cold, go out and acquire a vintage Mustang. Relive the fun and in a few years time, like our economy, you will see its value steadily increase.