OPERATION: Muscle Car, Grade A

The grey cloud gently rose from the dry pavement as in the distance the roar of an engine and screech of tires peels off into the sky of encroaching dusk. Sweeping through the winding roads of the cooling night, the stars lit up the sky as a lone beacon guided the vessel that floated on the roads. The driver grinned as the turns become an isolated straightaway. Looking down the road and ensuring no one else was around, the accelerator was slowly pushed downward, causing the engine to grunt and create more torque…the road slowly became quicker, faster… into in a mere few seconds the muscle car zoomed down the road, leading the imaginary race that occurs only on the eve of red lit traffic lights. Those are the moment’s muscle car owners experience every time they sit down in their soft worn seats and wrap their fingers around the driver’s wheel. Owning a muscle car, is yes, that powerful. Ordinarily only the rich seemed able to afford these elite machines but now thanks to the power of the digital age and the unforeseen Recession, websites have become the new forum for finding classic muscle cars and enthusiast, and best of all at no cost whatsoever. Old Ride Trader allows every day people to buy, sell, and advertise their own classic, antique, exotic, and muscle cars and even allow a precise model and make search engine to personalize every listing their present.

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