Street Rods: A New Style for Sale

Growling engines and shaking windows. These are the images that resound within the minds of men and women alike when they hear of street rods. High performance machines that are designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to get there fast. ‘There’ does not have to be anywhere in particular, all that matters is whomever is driving, finds their destination in mere seconds and with a wide toothy grin. With the modern consumer more focused on environmental needs and gas consumption it would appear that the Street Rod market would be a failing market. Yet contrary to this, it has quite actually become the opposite. For every Green movement supporter there is one other buy who supports pure unabashed power and decadence. If this were not the case, things such as the Double Decker sandwich at KFC would not exist…

Linking these power hungry and refined automobile consumers, the street rod market place has come to a head with website classifieds such as Old Ride Trader. At places such as Old Ride, Street Rods are able to be browsed and searched across the globe in a simple, easy to navigate web page and search engine. Postings to the site are free and Old Ride Trader specializes in nothing but exotic, antique, muscle, and street rod automobiles for sale. Information and financing, knowledge boards, and even articles are all available at these sites for the education and enjoyment of street rod enthusiasts. So that, if and when they do feel the need to buy a street rod, they are able to do so at their convenience and with the best selection available.

Street rods may sometimes be seen as over the top and somewhat unnecessary as a practical car. But these cars were never designed for the practical purposes. If you want power. If you want performance. If you want sheer joy, you purchase a street rod. Street rods are the new style, and style like that, never goes out of fashion.